1st Floor Gina Villa, Adjacent Achimota Golf Club, Legon West Road
P.O.Box KIA 16192, Accra.

Tel:+233-30-297 5566
Needs Microfinance Limited, a non-bank financial institution, was incorporated on 31st March 2011. It was licensed by the Bank of Ghana to carry on the business of, primarily, deposits mobilization and granting of loans.

Presently operating with one branch, which is also at its Head office, NEEDS Microfinance Limited is located on the 1st Floor, Gina Villa Building near the Achimota Golf Club. Its expansion rogramme to be rolled out within the next six months will witness opening of three branches of Needs in Accra and Tema.

Our operational philosophy is to structure our operations such as to be the roots for SME growth, and thus aim not to over exploit partakers of our products by charging low rates on our loans and with further soft terms of paymnets, whilst offering competitively higher rates on our savings and investment products.